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Wall and Alley Training

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the use of ball alleys, custom built walls etc to improve the skills of hurling.
Conventional Sliotars deteriorate very quickly in such use, which led to the development of the "Wall Ball".

Moulded in a special polyurethane, the Cumas Wall Ball simulates the feel and performance of an ordinary sliotar with the advantages of economy and excellent durability.

The Quickshot Sliotar is a further option to our well established Wall Ball

Quickshot Sliotar
Since 2006, when the Cumas Wall Ball was developed, it has been the first and still the preferred choice for wall training in hurling and camogie.
Time has moved on and the game has certainly become much faster and more skillful. The sliotar is struck harder and more accurately to the next player, so speed and control is now crucial.
With this in mind we have now introduced the versatile Quickshot sliotar to further improve these particular skills, and bring another dimension to hurling training. Quickshot Sliotars perform excellently not only in wall training, but also between groups of players on the pitch, to enhance speed and control etc.

Quickshot Sliotars are available in Hi-vis yellow size 4 & 5, and Hi-vis pink, size 4.


"The Cumas Wall Ball is ideal for use in modern 'Hurling Wall Training' for individuals or squads"
Paudie Butler
(Director of Hurling).

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